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Sliced Bread

Every day is an experiment.

About me, the existential baker:


I am an unemployed, newly married American woman living in Tel Aviv. I have always hated baking. I prefer cooking. Baking is time-consuming, messy and unpredictable. Much like my never-ending job search. However, unlike job searching, baking always yields results. Good, bad or very very dry, baking labors will result in some kind of fruit that is easily and happily shared with others. These are the tales of me baking and occasionally cooking my way through my ennui, existential dread and daily trials. This is an exercise in productivity during a time when I am most idle. Oh, I'm also vegan. Join me, won't you. 

Pink Sugar

Please note:

Currently this is a written blog and only a written blog. The Existential Baker of this blog does not have any social media accounts or presence whatsoever.

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