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I got drunk and made chocolate chip cookies. Sort of.

Dec. 13th, 2022

Cancelled the rescheduled belated birthday dinner with friend as I got too tired waiting for her to finish up a previous engagement. Decided to drink the other half of a bottle of red wine that was leftover and ended up igniting the baking urge while under the influence. The original plan was chocolate chip cookies, and was very excited to see that I had all the ingredients for this Chocolate Covered Katie concoction:

Will cut to the chase and say that due almost entirely to drunkenness these came out horrendous. Put too much soy milk in the batter as it appeared too doughy. The red wine clouded the obvious, that the batter was in fact meant to be a dough, cause how else does one make the lil dough balls? Chocolate Covered Katie in her chocolate covered wisdom, also requires you to refrigerate the dough/batter for several hours before baking. I ended up wedging the entire mixing bowl in the fridge and leaving it there overnight, in the hopes that the dough/batter would firm up enough to allow itself to become dough balls later. They did. However, the end baked result was something of a gummy, rubbery, dry cookie shaped thing. What an odd texture. It was like the dough/batter had been infused with air that then solidified so that the cookie thing was neither crunchy nor chewy, but rather bizarrely bendy and reluctant to come apart whether it be for a bite or a breaking off of a piece.

Anyways, don't bake and drink and if you must it's probably best to have a chaperone.

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