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Recipe shmecipe

Note: I wrote this up weeks ago in Google Keep and then forgot to post it here. Therefore this blog is sadly without date. Let's say around March 13, 2023.

I've noticed that I've become very Pavlov about these Monday night meditation sessions. Every time Monday night roles around I get the urge to bake. Partially for the yum partially cause I know my friend and heavy meditator will take home most, if not all of the goods so I won't be stuck with them.

There's nothing that stops me in my baking tracks like the realization that this is not so much a hobby as it is a neverending snackathon.

Anyways. Was post yoga and sans dinner and became hungry for what I refer to in my mind as "yoga cookies", i.e some healthy(ish) version of a cookie crossed with a granola bar. Something oaty, for the fiber. Something protein for the repair. Something chocolate cause, duh.

Googling recipes for stuff like this did absolutely nothing. Everything was too complicated or too buttery or needed kitchen appliances or ingredients that I just do not have.

So what did I do?

I went rogue.

I made up the cookies.

Took my largest mixing bowl, the one that's the most effing annoying to clean, and in it I tossed:

Oats, about a cup plus the amount that spilled out of the cup.

Brown sugar, about 2 large tablespoons. Actual tablespoons. Not the measuring ones.

Couple blobs of vanilla paste.

Several heaping tablespoons (same one) of all natural smooth peanut butter. Lots of it. Yummo.

Baking powder, what fell out of the packet when I opened it over the bowl.

A few pours of sweetened soy milk from the carton.

Bob's Red Mill egg replacer, 2 teaspoons mixed in bit of water, left to sit and then scraped into bowl.

After the stir, stir, stir, I added the chocolate chips. Vegan, obvz. Just poured from the bag until it looked like a reasonable amount.

Placed heaping blobs of cookie batter on parchment and put it in the oven at around 200 C for 15 min.

I thought cause these were just oats, PB and chocolate, they should come out alright but they ended up coming out AMAZING.

Crunchy on the outside, pillow-y texture on the inside and the chocolate chips nice and melty.

Goddamn yum.

They looked like little chocolate/oat gobstoppers, with all the toasty bits of oats sticking up on them.

I have to say I was stunned.

The last few things I made have come out very bad, so much so that it dampened my already weak spirit to the point where I couldn't blog about it here. Hence my hiatus. Didn't want the reminder.

And now, quite unexpectedly, I make my first baked good SANS RECIPE, just bit o'this, bit o'that in a bowl and watch out (oat) world...!

I wish it yielded more. It only made 8. That's what not measuring and not planning does.

Of course now I am terrified I will never be able to recreate these easy peasy delish morsels ever again and what I've just eaten is a flash in my existential baking career.

Dare I try again?

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