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The best bluberry muffins by accident

Dec. 7th, 2022

While walking home from husband's work was wondering what to make that would cleanse my mental and literal palate from too oily, too gritty biscotti of yesterday. I feel like I'm perpetually on the search for a good blueberry muffin that is also vegan that is also not greasy, so yalla, blueberry muffinz it is.

I easily veganized one of the first recipes I found on Google. I didn't specifically Google for something vegan, oftentimes it's better to be left to my own substitutions than those of someone with delusions of coconut oil grandeur (cough cough goddamn biscotti). Thus, I selected this NY Times beauty:, surprisingly straight forward and clear. Easy peasy. Used soy milk instead of cow's, vegan butter instead of cow's and Bob's Red Mill egg replacer instead of chicken eggs.

Oh, also used frozen blueberries as there have been tons of them in the freezer for ages, since I lost interest in frozen drinks back in August. Made a point to defrost the lil guys before I went to Pilates, or more accurately, I left them to their own soggy devices in a bowl and then rinsed them in hot water and drained them when I get home.

Believe it or not that is pretty much it. Baked 28 min on 190. Perfection. Ok well no, they are SLIGHTLY more oily than I'd like them to be, especially since some of us are still suffering from Post Traumatic Coconut Oil Stress Disorder of less than 24 hours ago, in case I haven't made that crystal.

The moral is everyone loves a blueberry muffin. Sad times for my fatty self who would actually like to eat all these bad boys in one sitting.

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