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The gluten-free banana bread modified to include gluten

Updated: Feb 1

Jan. 31st, 2023

Didn't take a hiatus from baking but rather from writing down the harrowing experiences. Last night however, I was once again gripped with the overwhelming urge to turn random ass ingredients into calories and so I turned to the rapidly blackening bananas in the fruit bowl.

I made a banana bread that was a version of Minimalist Baker's recipe:, except with the gluten. Minimalist Baker has all these regular flour substitutions like almond meal, almond flour, gluten free oats, it's really unminamalist of her. I ended up using the rest of the white spelt flour, and then some cake flour, and then the last of the oats (non-gluten free) at the bottom of the oatmeal mason jar. I also used a bit less sugar than she called for, oh, and I only had 2 overripe bananas instead of 3. All these substitutions resulted in a rather cobbled together frankenbanana bread that was too chewy, and truly more like bread than cake.

I ended up serving most of it to the meditation group when they came over. Sent friend home with what remained of the bread lump after the meditators were done sampling. I think all in all, the loaf was redeemed only by the chocolate chips that I dumped on it as a last minute flourish.

In the future I'll try another banana bread recipe that doesn't actually require me to modify it to be avec gluten. There's no room for that kind of irony in my life. Things are difficult enough what with me getting over a viral plague, getting rejected from another job and procrastinating what little productive tasks I have to do on a daily basis. Let us at least eat gluten.

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